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Baseball Hitting Program

The Premier Hitting Program is a four-month program that provides the highest level of hitting instruction in the area. The program treats each athlete as an individual and provides training and development as unique as the person. Every athlete who signs up for the Premier Program will be fully assessed and then their program will be tailor to meet their development needs. The hitting program is flexible enough to work with players of all ages and abilities.

We will help each athlete to reach their maximum potential and attain the highest level that the athlete desires.

Hitting Program Objectives
Our Program Will… Helping Our Athletes…
Teach and promote powerful, consistent, and efficient body movements Move freely at high levels of intensity and creating consistency in body movements
Teach how to generate bat speed, direction, and strength Increase power, bat speed, and bat control
Teach body care and recovery Improve recovery time, decrease soreness, and generate lasting durability
Teach hitting plans, approach, and hitting philosophy in a classroom setting Improve hitting IQ and learn to recognize pitching patterns and tendencies
Use the state-of-the-art HitTrax Baseball system to compile assessments and progression Promote consistency and growth
Utilize the science and technology used at the professional level Develop you as an athlete and your swing
Utilize professional strength and development training Be durable, explosive, and efficient
Hitting Program Schedule

Program start date: October 31, 2017
Nights: Monday & Wednesday, optional Saturday
Time: 4PM, 5PM, 6PM, 7PM or 8PM
Price: $410 per month