HitTrax Indoor Batting Cage Simulator

HitTrax brings an awesome ‘wow’ factor to the batting cage experience. Players watch their hit soar through the outfield and view in-game statistics. The game-like experience brings the excitement of the outdoor game, plus the benefit of situational hitting, into The EDGE.

Know Your Strengths.
Identify Your Weaknesses.

HitTrax measures key performance metrics and generates reports based on a wide variety of criteria. The interactive reports are printed and emailed to players in order to keep them engaged and working to get to the next level.

With advanced tools such as the Baseline Assessment Report, players are quickly evaluated, showing progress and identifying areas for improvement.

Hitters Pitchers
Exit Velocity Pitch Velocity
Distance of Hit Pitch Location
Launch Angle/Elevation Late Break Measurements
Strike Zone Analysis Spray Charts
Spray Charts Batting Average Against
Hard Hit Average Strike Zone Analysis
BA, SLG, and OPS Analysis by Pitch Type