Casey Shaw

Head baseball instructor Casey Shaw works with beginners up to professional players in the big leagues. Casey works to pass along his knowledge and experience in all aspects of the game: hitting, pitching, and fielding. He draws from successful years playing at Lafayette High School, Mineral Area Juco, and Fontebonne University. He has worked with many of the top hitters and pitchers in the Kansas City area, and he applied those experiences to develop one of the premier pitching programs in the Midwest. Casey has helped numerous players move on to college and professional careers.

Casey Quotes

Casey has a list of great one-liners! If you spend any time around him, you’re sure to hear one or many of these quotes.

“You got me?”
“Feel a flow and stir.”
“Do you feel what I’m saying?”
“I need a scoop and not a slam there.”
“That’s money!”
“Great work!!”